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What are the obligations of the Parity Committee?

The Parity Committee must inform building service employees about the plan and the registration procedure.

The Parity Committee must collect from the employer the RRSP amounts due on behalf of employees and must transfer the amounts to the trustee of the plan, IA Financial Group. Prior to that, the employee must have completed a compulsory registration form (See: How to register).

These amounts belong to the employees. The Parity Committee will not withhold a percentage of the money. Whether the opening of the file is delayed or whether it is in process, the money belongs to the employees.

When the amounts collected on behalf of employees have not been transferred to the trustee, the Parity Committee must reimburse them if they are no longer working in the building service industry. When the Parity Committee is unable to reimburse such employees, the amounts cannot be held by the Committee. After the end of the required period provided by article 22 o) of the Act Respecting Collective Agreement Decrees, the Committee has the obligation to transfer the amounts to the Ministère du Revenu - Biens non réclamés - where they remain available for employees.