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Monthly report form

The employer who wants to send electronically his monthly reports by internet must communicate with the Parity Committee in order to receive his access to the site, his user name and his password.

The employer who wants to send his reports on paper may use one of the following PDF models. He may also asks to receive monthly by mail our pre-printed paper forms.

Click here for some instructions on how to complete the monthly report

Click here for a monthly report form to print out and fill manually (3 employees per page, in French only - static PDF).

Click here for a dynamic version (in French) that you can fill on your computer and print once it is completed (Dynamic PDF).

Due to a limitation of Acrobat, this model does not support more than one employee per page.

The form will calculate the earnings and RRSP contribution of the month for each employee, according to the amounts you will indicate in the different sections. The RRSP contribution is calculated according to the rate as of November 9th, 2015. If you want to produce a monthly report for a period preceding November 2015, you must use the static form (see the above link). 

Attention: the two last lines (total amount due for the month) do not calculate automatically, in case you have more than one employee to report.
If you have only one employee, fill the form and print it out. Then, you must calculate the two last lines manually.

If you have more than one employee, you can complete a sheet for the first one, than print it out, and start a new one for the followings. Once all the employees have been completed, you can calculate the total amount due for the month on one of your sheets.