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Regulation respecting the monthly report

Regulation respecting the monthly report of the Parity Committee for the Building Services, Montréal Région

An Act respecting collective agreement decrees
(R.S.Q., c. D-2, s. 22, par. h)

O.C. 1353-87, 1987 G. O. 2, 3387; O.C. 1027-2011, 2011 G.O. 2, 2957

1. A professional employer governed by the Decree respecting building service employees in the Montreal region (c.D-2, r.15) or the employer's authorized representative must send a monthly report to the Committee's head office, including

  • 1° the full name, address, date of birth and social insurance number of each employee in his employ, his qualifications and the nature of his work, the number of his regular and overtime hours worked each week, the total of these hours, his hourly wage rate and total earnings;
  • 2° the indemnities paid to each employee as annual vacation and general holidays with pay, and any other compensations or benefits having a pecuniary value.

2. The monthly report shall be forwarded to the head office of the Committee, even in the case where no work was performed, on or before the 15th of each month and shall cover the preceding month.

A professional employer or the employer's authorized representative may use either the paper form in Schedule 1, to be sent by mail, or the form in computer format, to be sent electronically according to the data structure established by the Committee.

3. This regulation replaces the Règlement relatif au rapport mensuel numéro 3 du Comité paritaire de l'entretien d'édifices publics, région de Montréal, adopted by the Parity Committee at its meeting held on 30 June 1976 and published in the Gazette officielle du Québec on 27 October 1976.

4. (Omitted)

Schedule I: Paper form