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Complaint regarding the services provided by the Parity Committee

If you have reasonable grounds for believing that your rights were not respected by a member of our personnel upon the process of your request with the Parity Committee, we invite you to communicate with the following people, based on the situation that occurred:

Complaint following the intervention of a member of our inspection department:

Mrs. Caroline Paré, Director of the enquiry and inspection department or Mr. Steve Girard, Chief of inspection and verification department.

Complaint following the intervention of a member of our administrative department:

Mrs. Nathalie Kalipci, Coordinator of the administrative department

For any other member of our personnel:

Mrs. Christiane Bigras, General-Director

Generally, a complaint filed against the Parity Committee will be first addressed by phone. Following this intervention, if you are still unsatisfied, you can communicate with the General-Director, Mrs. Christiane Bigras, or file a written complaint to her attention.

Filing a written complaint

If you want to file a written complaint, you must provide the following information (or click here for a template in regards to a complaint):

  • Your name, address and phone number (and, if you are an employer, your file number with the Parity Committee)
  • The name and function of the person you are complaining about
  • The nature of the problem for which you are filing a complaint
  • The name and function of the person who formally took care of you're the complaint you had initially submitted (phone intervention)
  • A copy of all correspondence and documents related to your complaint, if applicable, as well as any additional information.

You can send your complaint by mail, fax or email at:

Comité paritaire de l'entretien d'édifices publics
c/o Mrs. Christiane Bigras
4351 D'Iberville,
Montréal (Québec) H2H 2L7
Télécopieur : (514) 384-1266
email : cbigras@cpeep.qc.ca

Please note that we offer a bilingual service (French and English), with a possibility of Spanish.

Treatment of your complaint

Acknowledgement of receipt

An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to you within the five (5) working days following the reception of your complaint.

Evaluation of the complaint

Before addressing the matter with the people or person listed in the complaint, the General-Director and the superior of the employee or employees involved will analyse the documents that you provided in order to determine if the complaint is admissible or not.

If your complaint is not admissible, a letter will explain the reasons justifying the refusal to go further.

If your complaint is admissible, this letter will confirm the acceptance of your request and will inform you of the upcoming steps for the process of your complaint.

Examples of non admissible complaints:

  • Complaints regarding a governmental policy
  • Complaints regarding a law or regulation in force
  • Complaints regarding the work of an inspector acting within the powers conferred by the Act respecting collective agreement decrees

Treatment of an admissible complaint

Generally, your written complaint will be processed by the General-Director or by the superior of the person stated on the complaint and will follow the steps below, according to the situation:

  1. Meeting with the person stated on your complaint to inform him or her of the nature of the complaint and to listen to his or her version of the event
  2. Communication with you to inform you about his or her account of the events in order to allow you to respond to his or her statement
  3. Undertaking actions to correct the situation, or other measures to try to satisfy you
  4. In the case where no agreement can be reached and the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, the dispute could be transferred to other authorities.

All complaints will be processed impartially and with due diligence.