How a complaint works

Do you want to report a violation of the decree? Whether it is to enforce your rights as an employee or to report unfair competition as an employer, we will process your request as soon as possible with the greatest respect. As an employer, if you wish to report an unfair competition you must contact us by phone or by email at If your are an employee, you can file a complaint by telephone or fill out this form to inform us of the situation.

Accessibility of our services

by phone

We make a commitment to respond to your phone call directly, or, on the following business day, if you leave us a message on a voice mail.

Speak with a consultant:

Toll free number: :


We make a commitment to communicate with the sender of a written request (sent to us by mail, email or fax) inside a period of 5 business days following the reception of the letter.

By fax:

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In person
at our office

We make a commitment to meet you in person and to respond to your request when you come to our office. If an appointment was not scheduled beforehand, we will do our best to meet with you, based on the availability of our personnel.