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Why register to the plan?

The contributions forwarded to the Parity Committee have to be transferred to the trustee, IA Financial Group, who is managing all the funds in the Retirement Plan.

Prior to that, the employee must have completed a compulsory registration form.

Attention! If you did not complete your registration form, the amounts received by the Parity Committee will remain pending to be transferred. We strongly encourage you to enrol today.

Employees can fill out the on-line form at the following website: ia.ca/enrolnow. The plan identification number is 15383CM001TP. They may also enrol directly by calling IA Financial Group at: 1 800 567-5670.

Once a file is opened, the trustee forwards all the information regarding the group RRSP to the employee along with a list of contacts as well as detailed information regarding the funds in which the money is invested in.

Important: It is important to advise the Parity Committee and IA Financial Group of any change of address.