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Overtime hours (More informations)

Can my employer bank my overtime hours if I did not sign any agreement?

This situation is very frequent and it is illegal. The employer thus seeks to avoid having to pay the hours at time and a half. It sometimes happens that the employees agree with this practice. Whether or not there is agreement, if the Parity Committee investigates, it has the power to claim the difference between the wages due at time and a half and the wages paid at regular time.

Many people are duped when they lose their employment, because most of the time the bank of hours disappears at the same time as the employment. An employee has the right to register a complaint with the Parity Committee even if he or she is no longer working at that time for the company of which it wants to complain. He will then be asked to provide the most information possible on the details of the hours worked, for each week, as well as the hours paid. Any other proof (time sheets, copies of the registers of signatures of the building, diary entries, witnesses, etc.) will be considered by the inspector responsible for the case.