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Hourly rate (More informations)

How much does my employer have to pay me if I do heavy work and light work?

The employer can give more than what is required by the law, but cannot give less. Thus, an employee who would work 6 hours per day, at a rate of 3 hours of heavy work of class A, and 3 hours light work of class B, must be paid 3 hours at the rate of class A and 3 hours at the rate of class B. Or, the employer could find it simpler to pay all hours in class A. But what he does not have the right to do, is to pay every hour at the rate of class B . Moreover, if he chooses to pay two rates of wages, he cannot show an average rate in the pay records and on the pay slips; rather, it is necessary to record in detail the hours at each hourly rate.