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Goal and mission

The Parity Committee for the building services, Montreal region is an organisation under the responsibility of the Government of Quebec to supervise the observation of the Decree respecting building service employees in the Montreal region. Its characteristic is to be administered both by union representatives and employers of the building cleaning industry.

The first goal of the Parity Committee is thus to supervise and ensure observation of the decree. This goal meets with the concern of the union which ensures protection of the rights of the workers and also meets the concern of the employers which ensure that the wages and the working conditions of the employees are not a factor of competition between the employers, which supports a healthy and equitable competition for all.

In a broader way, the Parity Committee defines its mission in the following way:

"To ensure observation of the decree with a collective preoccupation of integrity, commitment and professionalism by promoting and by defending the interests and the rights of cleaning employees and by becoming the definitive reference for the industry".

The Parity Committee has as a daily role:

  • To manage and supervise the application of the decree.
  • To receive complaints in the event of violation of the decree.
  • To carry out investigations and inspections at worksites and at the head office of the employer.
  • To claim from employers what is due to employees.
  • To undertake penal or civil procedures when the Decree or the Law Respecting Collective Agreement Decrees is violated.
  • To inform the employer and the employee of their rights, duties and obligations.


The Parity Committee accomplishes its mission through an administrative service and an inspection service of which here is a summary presentation:

Administrative service

This service, accomplished by a team of office employees, receives and verifies the monthly reports that employers must forward to the Parity Committee under the terms of the regulation. The data transmitted by the employers are treated by a data-processing program which checks the application of the decree, compiles the data on an annual basis and signals any error.

From this verification or from the data of the inspection department, the administrative department issues claims for wages from the employers in default, ensures the follow-up of each file, receives the payments of the employers and distributes the amounts due to the employees.

In the case of non-payment by the employer and of litigation in civil courts or of the deposit by the Parity Committee of penal complaints before the Court of Quebec, this department ensures the legal follow-up of the cases.

The administrative department also ensures the accounting which receives each month the levy from the employers and the employees, and which collects from employers and distributes the sums due to the employees following claims.

The inspection department

This department, staffed by a team of inspectors, carries out what is known as regular investigations where an inspector visits an employer in order to carry out the examination of the payroll system and of any document allowing to verify the application of the decree. Click on the following link to know more about the type of documents which may be required by the Parity Committee by the inspection department: The inspection powers of the Parity Committee.

The inspection department also carries out inspections at the employers' and in the workplace following the receipt of complaints. These investigations generally result in the issuance of claims, which if they are not paid, lead to the preparation of a lawsuit.

The inspection department also has the mandate to inform employers, during the regular inspections or following a complaint and to inform the employees of their rights and obligations at the time of regular visits of workplaces.

In addition, a telephone service provides information on the decree to employers and employees or the reception of complaints, during office hours.

The geographical territory

The Parity Committee supervises the application of the Decree respecting Building Service Employees which applies to the area of greater Montreal (including Laval and Montérégie), to the area of Lanaudière and of the Laurentians, as well as in the Outaouais and to part of the Mauricie-Bois Francs area and the Eastern Townships. There is another Parity Committee for the Building Services in Québec city.

To know more about the area covered by the Parity Committee for the Building Services - Montreal region, please consult Appendix 1 of the Decree.