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Verification and inquiry (Articles 25.1 - 26)

1996, c. 71, a. 23.


25.1. The Minister may, generally or specially, designate a person to verify the documents transmitted under sections 23 and 23.1.


The verifier may, at any reasonable time, enter any place where he has reasons to believe operations or activities are carried out by or on behalf of a committee, and require any information or document, and examine and make copies of any document.


The person required to provide the information or documents must comply within the allotted time.

1996, c. 71, s. 23.


25.2. No proceedings may be brought against the verifier for any act performed in good faith in the exercise of his functions.

1996, c. 71, s. 23.


25.3. The verifier shall, on request, identify himself and produce the document signed by the Minister attesting to his capacity.

1996, c. 71, s. 23.


25.4. No person may hinder the verifier in the exercise of his functions.

1996, c. 71, s. 23.


26. The Minister may entrust the person he designates to inquire into any matter related to the administration or operation of a parity committee or to the conduct of its members. The investigator so designated has the powers and immunities of a commissioner appointed under the Act respecting public inquiry commissions (chapter C-37), except the power to order imprisonment.

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