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Claims of employees (Articles 28 - 28.1)

Prescription. Fraud.

28. Any civil action arising out of the decree or out of this act is prescribed by one year from the due date in each case. In the case of a false entry in the compulsory register, the system of registration or the pay-list, or of secret rebate, or of any other fraud, prescription shall run as against the committee's recourse, only from the date when the committee was aware of the fraud.

R. S. 1964, c. 143, s. 37; 1984, c. 45, s. 19.

Interruption of prescription.

28.1. A notice sent by a committee by registered or certified mail to a professional employer to the effect that the committee is examining a complaint filed under section 24 interrupts prescription in respect of all his employees for six months from the mailing of the notice.

An application for arbitration also interrupts prescription in respect of the employees of a professional employer until the final decision of the arbitrator appointed under section 11.4.

1984, c. 45, s. 20; 1996, c. 71, s. 25.