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Claim fees from the Parity Committee

As you already know, the law allows the Parity Committee to add a 20% fee to employers when claiming salaries on behalf of employees.

Article 22 c) of An Act Respecting Collective Agreement Decrees states that:

The Parity Committee may:

(c) Recover from a professional employer who violates the provisions of any decree relating to wages a sum equal to 20% of the difference between the obligatory wage and that actually paid;

However, we implemented a new policy as of 2019:

The 20% fees will no longer be added automatically for claims that are issued following a regular inspection or following the verification of the employer's monthly reports.

This policy will apply for claims issued as of January 2019 and on.

The goal is to settle the claims more rapidly.

However, if the employer is unable to settle the claim within the given deadline, the 20% fees will be added to the file and the claim will be transferred to our lawyers.

Attention: this policy does not apply for claims issued following a complaint from an employee. The 20% fees will continue to apply for these claims at all times.