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What is the Decree respecting Building Service Employees?

The Decree is a regulation adopted by the Québec Government according to the Act respecting Collective Agreement Decrees.

This law enables the Government to apply certain sections of a collective agreement to all cleaning employees of the building service industry.

The Decree determines the minimal conditions of labour an employer must grant his or her employees and aims at stopping illegal competition by forbidding to cheat on salaries and conditions of labour.

1.1 How does the Decree concern me?

The Decree concerns the employer in building cleaning services, meaning the contractor who offers his cleaning services to customers. More generally, it concerns all employers who perform cleaning services for others. The Decree also concerns the self-employed worker having a subcontract from a contractor and the one working with employees others than immediate family members.
(Sections 1.01 h, 1.01 i, 2.02, 2.03-2)

1.2 In what regions does the Decree apply?

The Decree applies to the Greater Montréal region including Laval and the South shore (Montérégie), the Lanaudière and Laurentides regions, the Hull (Outaouais) region and parts of the Mauricie-Bois Francs and Easter Townships regions.
(Section 2.01 and Appendix 1)

It is not the place of your head office that establishes whether you fall or not under the area covered by the Decree. You must consider the place where the work is done.

If you have a building service contract out of the area defined above, you probably fall under the Québec Parity Committee's jurisdiction. You may contact the Parity Committee for the Building Services - Québec region at 1 888 667.3551 in order to know more.

1.3 Are all buildings covered by the Decree?

Generally, all the buildings where you perform cleaning services, be they of any kind, are all covered by the Decree, with the exception of private homes.
(Section 1.01 a)

1.4 Does the Decree cover all types of cleaning?

Yes, it covers any work related to washing, cleaning and sweeping performed inside or outside of a building.
(Section 1.01 c)


For example, the Decree applies to the washing of walls, windows, ceilings and floors; to the removal of waste; to dusting; to sweeping with a broom, dustmop or vacuum and to the cleaning of washrooms.
(Sections 1.01 d,e,f)