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What is the Decree respecting Building Service Employees?

The Decree is a governmental decision binding the employer, who performs maintenance work for others in a public building, and his employee, whether the employee is a Union member or not.

Following the request from the Union and the employers, the Act respecting Collective Agreement Decree permits the Minister of Labour to extend to all building service employees certain working conditions foreseen in the collective agreement agreed upon by Local 800 of the Service Employees Union and the Building Service Contractors Association, Québec, Inc.

The Decree determines the minimum working conditions for building service employees. These are mainly:

  • Salary: the hourly rate and the overtime hours rate
  • Vacations
  • Holidays
  • Breaks
  • Sick leaves
  • Notice of termination
  • Group retirement plan (RRSP) 

The employee continues to be protected by the Act Respecting Labour Standards on the sections not included in the Decree.

The unionised employee also benefits from the Collective Agreement. 

May the employer and the employee agree on wages less than that envisaged by the decree?

The decree, as An Act Respecting Labour Standards, is a law of public order, which means that no one can be withdrawn from it, even by mutual agreement. In other words, if you think that $10 per hour is a reasonable wage to clean offices and that you propose to your employer to pay you these wages, the employer does not have the right to accept. If the employer accepted nevertheless, or if he imposed on you a standard of wages lower than that of the decree, the Parity Committee could investigate and claim the amounts which are due to you, whether you agree or not.