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Some useful recommendations

It often happens that employees comes to the Parity Committee to denounce illegal situations of which they are or were victims. The role of the Parity Committee is to investigate, and if it can indeed show that the law was broken, the Committee must issue an appropriate claim to the employer or initiate a lawsuit.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of evidence, too many credible denunciations cannot give place to a lawsuit by the Parity Committee. In all cases where the Parity Committee sues an employer which did not respect the law, the principal witness in the case is the employee, and the latter did not always keep the necessary elements to show its assertions in a credible way.

It is always recommended to the employee to keep as much information as possible on the work carried out. When you obtain employment, from the very start, you should note the date of hiring, the hourly rate, and the agreed working conditions. It would also be useful to note the phone numbers of your colleagues at work, as well as the address and phone number of the employer and of the supervisor, if that is the case.

Keep your pay stubs because they are used to prove the bond of employment as well as the sums received. They also enable you to systematically compare the hours paid and the hours worked. For this purpose, it is recommended to systematically note in a diary or a notepad, every hour worked as well as the places of work, when they vary.

If you fill in time sheets or if you punch a time card, try to keep a copy of it.

Some employees who worked "under the table" or who were paid in cash, as well as several employees "disguised" as autonomous workers think they do not have any recourse. That is false! It has happened that, thanks to credible testimony and notes accumulated by the employees day after day, the Parity Committee has succeeded in showing a fraudulent set-up to pay the employees "under the table" and that it has recovered the sums which were due to them.

Conclusion: keep evidence of all that appears irregular to you and do not hesitate to contact the Parity Committee, even anonymously, in order to know what to do in your situation.