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The Parity Committee

The Parity Committee is an organization put in place by the Québec Government to insure the application of the Decree.

The particularity of the Parity Committee being that it is governed both by Union and Employers representatives.

The role of the Parity Committee is to:

  • Administer and supervise the application of the Decree.
  • Receive complaints in cases of violation of the Decree.
  • Inquire and have inspections done on the work sites and at the employer's head office.
  • Claim from employers the amounts due to employees.
  • Defend employees in court whose rights have not been respected.
  • Inform employers and employees of their rights, duties and obligations.

The Parity Committee does not receive any financing from the Government. It finances itself with a levy of 1% on all salaries, divided equally between employers and employees: 0,5% deducted directly on the employee's pay and that amount is matched by the employer. Each month, the employer calculates and sends the levy of 1% to the Parity Committee.