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Can the employee make contributions towards his RRSP?

The employee may add a volunteer contribution toward the RRSP plan directly on the pay.

Attention! Employees who want to start contributing towards their RRSP plan must have already sent in their registration form and already have an open account at the trustee. Then, it will not be necessary to fill out a new form.

In order to deduct sums of money on an employees' paycheck, employers need to have the employee's authorization. The employee must sign such authorization which is kept by the employer in the employee's folder.

Please click on the following link to download a template of an authorization letter that you can use: Authorization form.

The employer will have to detail the volunteer contributions per employee.

Employers may use one of the following models for the employee's voluntary contributions:

Interactive voluntary contribution list (to complete on the computer before printing)

Voluntary contribution list (to print out, fill and send).

The payment sent by the employer for voluntary contributions will need to be made on a separate cheque: the employer who sends us a monthly payment will have to send 2 cheques. One for his monthly report, including the 1% levy and the regular RRSP contributions, and another cheque as the payment of the contributions made on a voluntary basis.

For further information regarding voluntary contributions, please contact us at (514) 384-6640 or toll free at 1 800 461-6640.