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Regulation respecting the registration system

Regulation respecting the registration system of the Parity Committee for the Building Services, Montréal Region

O.C. 1352-87, 1987 G. O. 2, 3385

An Act respecting collective agreement decrees
(R.S.Q., c. D-2, s. 22, par. g)

1. The professional employer governed by the Decree respecting building service employees in Montreal region (R.R.Q., 1981, c.D-2, r.39) shall keep a registration system or register in which are shown the full name, address and social insurance number of each employee in his employ, the nature of his work, his first date of service and the following particulars, as the case may be, for each pay period :

  • 1° the number of working hours per day and the exact time at which the work was begun, interrupted, resumed and ceased each day ;
  • 2° the total working hours per week ;
  • 3° the total overtime ;
  • 4° the number of workdays per week ;
  • 5° the wage rate ;
  • 6° the nature and amount of premiums, severance pay and other allowances or commissions paid ;
  • 7° the amount of gross earnings ;
  • 8° the nature and amount of deductions made ;
  • 9° the net pay ;
  • 10° the work period corresponding with the payment ;
  • 11° the payment date ;
  • 12° the reference year ;
  • 13° his annual vacation period ;
  • 14° the date when his annual leave begins ;
  • 15°the dates on which the employee has taken a paid holiday or any other holiday including compensatory holidays related to paid holidays.

2. The information included in the registration system or register concerning a given year shall be kept for a 3-year period following such year.

3. This regulation replaces the Règlement relatif à la tenue du registre (numéro 2) du Comité paritaire de l'entretien d'édifices publics, région de Montréal, approved by Order in Council 3520-76 of 12 October 1976.

4. (Omitted)