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The sick leaves and special leaves

A. The sick leaves

(Chapter 12 of the Decree)

All permanent employees have a sick leave accumulation. When they are sick, the employer draws from this accumulation to pay them.

Accumulation of sick leave (Article 12.01)

At each pay period, the permanent employee accumulates sick leave hours equal to 2.44% of their paid hours. The employer must indicate the cumulative on the pay stub of the employee.

Deduction from the cumulative when the employee is sick (Articles 12.03, 12.04)

When the employee is sick, he must:

  • inform the employer on the first day of the sick leave.
  • bring a medical certificate if the employer asks for one when the employee calls or during the sick leave.

If the employee fulfils these two requirements, the employer pays the sick leave hours and deducts these hours from the sick leave accumulation.

Payable sick leave hours accumulation (Article 12.02)

Once a year, between November 1st and December 10th, part of the sick leave accumulation is paid out, if applicable. To know if the employer must pay part of the sick leave accumulation, one must calculate the excess sick leave (See the Notice regarding the total of sick leave credits for more information).

B. Special leaves for family events

(Chapter 9 of the Decree)

The employee has the right to a special leave for the following events:

Death in the family

For the regular employee:

  • Spouse, child: 5 paid consecutive days
  • Father, mother, brother, sister: 3 paid consecutive days and 2 days without pay
  • In-laws (father, mother, brother, sister), grandparents: one paid day

For the non-regular employee:

  • Spouse, child, father, mother, brother, sister: one paid day and 4 days without pay
  • In-laws (father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter), grandparents, grandchild: one day without pay

Wedding or civil union

All employees

  • Wedding of the employee: one paid day
  • Wedding of a child, father, mother, brother, sister, child of the spouse: one day without pay.

Birth, adoption or termination of pregnancy (in or after the twentieth week)

  • For all employees: 5 days of which the two first days are paid if the employee has 60 days of uninterrupted service.
  • Care, health or education of a child, All employees: 10 days per year without pay.
    (These special leaves can also be taken when required by the state of health of the spouse, father, mother, sister, brother or one of the employee's grandparents)


All employees: 18 consecutive weeks without pay.