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Group Retirement Plan (RRSP)


(Section 6.100 of the Decree)

The Parity Committee is in charge of managing a Group Retirement Plan (RRSP) for building service employees.

Based on the Plan, all contributions towards the group RRSP of an employee will be made directly by the employer.

As of October 30th, 2017, the employer's contribution to the Plan is set at $0.45 per paid hour.
(The previous contribution rate was $0.40$ per paid hour from November 9th, 2016 to October 29th, 2017).

The RRSP contribution rates in effect after October 30th, 2017 will be available once the Decree is renewed. For any updates, please visit our website regularly.

Paid hours include regular worked hours, overtime hours, holidays (worked or not), sick leave, etc. A vacation pay is the only payment on which contributions may not be applicable. The employer is required to list both the yearly and current cumulative for RRSP contributions on your pay slip.

As for the monthly report and levy, the employer's contribution to the RRSP has to be sent to the Parity Committee every month. The RRSP amounts received by the Parity Committee must be transferred to Industrial Alliance who is responsible of managing the Plan. Prior to that, the employee must complete a registration form.

It is required to fill this registration form to activate your file and to transfer to Industrial Alliance the RRSP contributions sent by your employer.

If you have already completed this form, either with SSQ Financial Group, the former trustee, or with Industrial Alliance, no further action is required. If you did not complete a registration form yet, you must now complete it.

You can do it online at ia.ca/enrolnow, or by clicking on the following link: "Online Enrolment - Group Savings and Retirement" (go to bottom of the page to change language). The Plan identification code is 15383CM001TP. You may also enrol by phone at 1 800 567-5670.

When a sufficient amount of RRSP contributions is reached for you and the registration form is completed, then, your file is activated with Industrial Alliance who will send you all information regarding the Plan.

Attention! Since November 9th, 2011, the employee may add a volunteer contribution toward the RRSP plan directly on the pay. To make all the necessary arrangements, the employee must give a written authorization to his employer stating the amount he wants to be deducted from the pay.

The employer will send to the Parity Committee this volunteer contribution with the other compulsory contributions for all employees, but he will have to distinguish it separately.