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What are the current rates of wages for the building cleaning employees, how are these rates determined, and at which time will they change?

The current hourly rates for the employees subject to the Decree respecting building service employees in the Montreal region, are as follows:

As of November 9, 2012:

  • Class A (heavy work) : $16.05
  • Class B (light work) : $15.63
  • Class C (high rise cleaning): $16.57

As of November 9, 2013:

  • Class A : $16.41
  • Class B : $15.98
  • Class C : $16.94

As of November 9, 2014:

  • Class A : $16.78
  • Class B : $16.34
  • Class C : $17.32

As of November 9, 2015:

  • Class A : $17.18
  • Class B : $16.73
  • Class C : $17.74

As of November 9, 2016:

  • Class A : $17.61
  • Class B : $17.15
  • Class C : $18.18

As of October 30, 2017:

  • Class A : $18.07
  • Class B : $17.60
  • Class C : $18.65

These rates of wages are set by the government following a request for renewal of the Decree on behalf of the representatives of Quebec Building Service Contractors Association and the Service Employees' Union Local 800. When the request is accepted, the government imposes certain clauses of their collective agreement on all the subject companies, whether they are union organised or not.

The last renewal of the decree was on November 9th, 2011 and will remain in force until October 30th, 2017. After this date, the decree will be renewed under the same conditions until the two parties (the Contractors Association and Local 800) come to a new collective agreement. At this time, they will make a request to the government so that a new decree is instituted with the new negotiated rates of wages.

The Parity Committee does not take part in the negotiation of the rates of wages. It must follow the decree promulgated by the government.

Can the employer and the employee agree on wages different from that of the decree?

The decree is a law of public order, which means to say that no one can be withdrawn from it, even after mutual agreement. The Parity Committee has as an obligation to ensure that all comply with the rules imposed on the industry. The employer and the employee can always agree to wages higher than that of the decree, but surely not at a lower rate.